Now Tam a Tam sounds also on CDs

New sounds and new fixtures to prolong the pleasure of listening with selections from our crops.
We offer sounds from far away to listen alone or with friends, at home or on the go, whenever you want, without moderation !


CD ASIE front and back« Tam a Tam Sound Trip in Southeast Asia » 15 tracks Javanese Gamelan, a Lao monk reading the Buddha’s teachings, sounds of the rainforest or a Thai schoolgirl playing khim…



CD EUROPE front and back « Tam a Tam Sound Trip in Europe » 13 tracks from the ezan of a mosque in Mostar to the music squash in Italy via a wedding atmosphere in Slovakia and the famous Turkish song Uskudar a gideriken…

CD available :

  •      Our CDs Tam a Tam Sound Trips in Europe and Tam a Tam Sound Trips in Southeast Asia are available in gour sound happenings.
  •      You can also obtain them by contacting us by mail (tamatamproject at, we will arrange the shipment!






Ringing offerings next to Buddha


Wat Pho (วัด โพธิ์ Thai, Wat Po) is one of the largest and oldest Buddhist temples in Bangkok. Eight acres, the temple hosts a multitude of stupa and a huge Buddha  (พระพุทธ ไสยาสน์). Lying on his deathbed close to nirvana, the statue is 45 meters long and 15 meters high. The feet are inlaid with pearls representing 108 states of the Buddha.

One building is dedicated to the statue, the flood of tourists is flowing without interruption to photograph the Buddha. 25 bols are arranged along the Buddha to collect the offerings of the faithful. The sound resounds in the bowls. We offer you a few minutes of this melody …

Note also that the Wat Pho hosts a Thai massage school and traditional medicine.



Ezan at the Karadjoz Beg Mosque in Mostar

Call to prayer on November 30, 2013 4:16 p.m..

The Muslim must perform five prayers a day at different times, this rite is one of the five pillars of Islam. Prayer times change daily according to the sun.

The first day takes place when the first rays of sun pierces the night, the second at a time when the sun is at its zenith. The third takes place in the afternoon. The fourth prayer of the day happens when the sun passes entirely below the horizon. This is the one that we have registered the Karadjoz Beg Mosque in Mostar. The final prayer of the day takes place while the red glow of twilight disappears from the horizon.