Tam a Tam invited at Longueur D’Ondes Festival, Brest

Longueur d’Ondes: radio and listening’s Festival in Brest from February 4th to 7th 2016

Broadcasting from the city of Ponant for the 13th edition, the festival radio and listening in partnership with Radio France is a key event for the profession and for amateur radio andLogo Festival LO 2016 sound creation.

A rich and varied program, a competition and a selection out of competition for you to discover explosive radio chips, hilarious or serious to be enjoyed without moderation.

Intervention in « The other radio » of the festival

Giving voice, the time of a meeting of about an hour, to enthusiasts who build their own radio, which create radio formats off the beaten track, sometimes with little means but still a lot of passion.
We are invited to attend a meeting about sound travel blogs. The sound travel blogs are a new kind of travel books which flourished in recent years on the web, thanks to the accessibility of digital recorders and the urge to recount adventures through sound. To talk about it, we receive Melanie Gourdon and Tristan Cailler with their Tam a Tam Sound Trips for a meeting about their approach to how they travel and how they use the radio tool in this context. At the corner of spontaneous encounters, field recordings and stories recounting their journey, they create and produce completely traditional way (yet challenging) various audio clips, sound postcards and other mini-documentaries.
Saturday February the 6th, 9.30 am at the artists’s café, Quartz

Selection out of competition « The Radiophonic Pot of Longueur D’Ondes.

The radio Marmite is a broth of curiosities that is good to eat seated in a beach chair or lying on the cushions of the darkroom.


« Tam A Tam Sound Trip in Myanmar »  selected out of compétition.

Birmanie Thabarwa AumoneThe idea of these trips is to listen to  reality to better feel the moment and share with the people we meet. Sometimes without a common language, we have the sounds perceived by our ears to share with each other.

We traveled on Burma roads in 2015,  recorded over the actual meetings. We cut, assembled, superimposed sound capsules to try to restore your sensitive sound environment of the moment. Goldbeaters, jungle or song of Burmese children, come with us to a sound journey.

Longueur D ondes 2016

Now Tam a Tam sounds also on CDs

New sounds and new fixtures to prolong the pleasure of listening with selections from our crops.
We offer sounds from far away to listen alone or with friends, at home or on the go, whenever you want, without moderation !


CD ASIE front and back« Tam a Tam Sound Trip in Southeast Asia » 15 tracks Javanese Gamelan, a Lao monk reading the Buddha’s teachings, sounds of the rainforest or a Thai schoolgirl playing khim…



CD EUROPE front and back « Tam a Tam Sound Trip in Europe » 13 tracks from the ezan of a mosque in Mostar to the music squash in Italy via a wedding atmosphere in Slovakia and the famous Turkish song Uskudar a gideriken…

CD available :

  •      Our CDs Tam a Tam Sound Trips in Europe and Tam a Tam Sound Trips in Southeast Asia are available in gour sound happenings.
  •      You can also obtain them by contacting us by mail (tamatamproject at gmail.com), we will arrange the shipment!






Back home: Listening sessions

Moved by this generosity that you have placed in us and dazzled by the sound worlds of all these countries, it’s our turn to share all this joy and sympathy.

We offer a sound creation « a notebook of sound travel from Reykjavik to Istanbul » made ​​from the 300 sound bites (sound pictures and people’s words). A sound walk between Arctic terns in  Iceland, the sauna in Finland, singing in Balkan states or Crete island ending in Istanbul.

For over two months, we traveled the roads of western France and share these sensitive times. Here in a cafe, a bookstore, in a local and organic restaurant or in a Hospital

Thanks to all our partners for their support and warm welcome!

Find all of our visits in radios and listening sessions

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Tamatam on air with Acik Radyo in Istanbul

Açilk RadyoAçık Radyo (Open Radio), is a radio bases in  İstanbul since 18 years. Açık Radyo likes to promote arts and cultures.

With Eser Epozderim,we talk about the countries we ve crossed and our way of travelling.


Açık Radyo (Open Radio), which went on air 18 years ago on 13 November, 1995, is a “regional” radio station, which broadcasts to the metropolitan Istanbul area and its environs. It was founded as a private company as required by the Turkish Law on Radio and TV broadcasting, but nevertheless functions like a non-profit organization.

The Motto : “Open radio is open to all the sounds, colours, and vibrations of the universe.”