Ôle, a palm manuscript

MoineLisantsurÔleThis palm leaf has the particularity to withstand hot and humid climate of South-east Asia .
After a long and precise work preparation, called ole palm leaf is engraved by copyists .
This practice is used for a long time now endangered since the advent of the printing press.
We spent an afternoon listening to gentle monk recitating his litany in Khon Tai Wat temple on the island of Don Kong Laos.

Donation for monks

OffrandesMoinesLaos Buddhist monks follow a life of renunciation and detachment. Buddha called his disciples to live in interaction with villagers. Going to donation for food is part of one of the disciplinary rules, however, this practice is not mandatory and each pagoda has its own rules. The monk does not choose his food and accepts what the layman offers him.

At Wat That, Champassak, located on the edge of the Mekong in Southern Laos , monks and novices are invited to collect offerings from the streets and alleys of the village by the sound of this funny bell. A novice hits the machine with a stick to announce to the departure of the monks from the pagoda.