Rainforest in Java

One evening in the village of Bolawen near Yogyakarta on Java we listen to the forest talking to us. The night brings freshness and a world awakens, insects, amphibians, birds … Villagers are at the ‘pos ronda ‘- having a break from their patrolling turn, they find themselves in a shelter most often made of bamboo, they drink tea, smoke, talk … Listen carefully, you’ll hear the sound of kentungan, a branch of ground tree, the sign of protection.

The forect was part of people’s life by providing food, building materials and medicines.

The largest archipelago in the world (17,500 islands) concentrating the third largest area of ​​tropical forest got big problems of deforestation due to urbanization, exploring the woods, mining and production of rubber and paper …

Faced with these attacks, the forest resists and spirits of Java watch over ….




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