Praying in Borobudur

 Built around 800 AD and abandoned for centuries, all of Borobudur was re discovered in IXth century by Europeans.
BorobudurBorobudur is both a stupa  and the largest Mandala in the world. A mandala is a cosmic representation of the universe for Buddhists . The set consists of three square terraces and three circular ones, all are covered with bas-reliefs recounting the various episodes of the life of the Buddha Sakyamuni . All these reliefs were carved on site, once the stones were setted.

IMG_0257Another gallery also covered with bas-reliefs represents the earthly life ; it is not possible to go in there because it is buried ! This feature gives rise to numerous assumptions …



Monks at Borobudur

Although Borobudur is a tourist destination, the majesty of the place and the power of the temple itself leave us stunned. We travel the square contemplating the bas-reliefs depicting the life around 800 AD, it is already very impressive.

 Then we climb the floors to reach the circular terraces, the world beyond where there is neither beginning nor end. At the top of the temple, we found dozens of stupa where  Buddhas observe us. We meet monks in litany accompanied by believers delighted to pray in this mythical place . Under a blazing sun all are traveling to the Buddhist nirvana.





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