Kemi ardhur ne kete dynja, Coran

In a small village in southern Montenegro we received a warm and incredible welcome. Here live a big community of Albanians.

ramiz 7Sunday, the children take us where the men of the village are busy , they build a route of access to a home. All are busy except the oldest and the immam encouraging workers .

ramiz 6Women are all inside and prepare the meal. Some proudly wear their traditional costume and want to capture the encounter with these two travelers who go around with a microphone, the photo shoot will be delicious .

The immam wish to marry us and especially hope that thissound journey will take us to the voice of God , we are free to choose one of the gods of religions monoteistes !

ramiz 3Before being invited to share the feast with men, one of them gives us a song : Kemi ardhur not kete dynja from the Koran .