Just for pleasure of words

Boite aux lettres

A note scribbled on a postcard to evoke our escapades, to share wishes for the new year, the year 2016 – the year 2559 for our Buddhist friends, or a written declaration of love on the kitchen table … the postcard, we like!

We selected some pictures to make the words travel.


Cartes postales sur la plage

10x15cm – paper 300g

  • Mondol kiri, Cambodia
  • Hpa-An,  Karen, Myanmar
  • Tavern, Greece
  • Bouddhist Monk, Môn, Myanmar
  • Jökulsarlon, Island
  • Cappadoce, Turkey


Turquie copyright TaverneCrétoise copyrights Moine Bouddhiste copyrights Islande copyright Femme Rizière copyright FemmeEnfant copyright


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