Cretan evening: food, raki and music!

  Invited by our musician host to spend an evening with friends, we do have great time: we share delicious dishes, grilled fish and meat, vegetable pie, potatoes with garlic around a bread oven that heats the small house; there is plenty of raki and the atmosphere is so friendly.

DSCN6917Bouzouki, lauto, guitar, oud, flute, maracasses, tambourine and accordion keep company to the songs. From Macedonia to Crete, Greek folk music is alive!

Music and raki will bring us up to the morning … Thank you to you passionate musicians!

Rebetiko music in Nantes


 Musicians meet about once a week  to play Rebetiko music at La Frégate café; there you can meet Greeks, musicians and curious people.

Although nowadays treated as a single genre, rebetiko is, musically speaking, a synthesis of elements of European music, the music of the various areas of the Greek mainland and the Greek islands, Greek Orthodox ecclesiastical chant, often referred to as Byzantine music, and the modal traditions of Ottoman art music and café music.(Wikipedia)