Dreams Academy – Helping disabled people in Turkey

Since 2008, Dream Academy preventing disabled people in Turkey from participating in society. With sport and art Dreams Academy would like to change the society perception of disabled people.

dream academyduslerakademisi About 8.5 million people ( 13% of the population) are living with disabilities in Turkey. Public support policies in place are not sufficient and private initiatives offer suitable solution so, Dream Academy offers its services . Beyond direct assistance to beneficiaries,  the Dream Academy’ goal is to change the way society looks at disability.

Ercan Tutal Kas DreamAcademyDreams Academy was created by Ercan Tutal whos used his love of the sea to demonstrate that an Alternative World, free of barriers for people with disabilities, is possible. Since 1998, Ercan and his students have taken around 2000 people with disabilities to discover diving through the project “Diving is Freedom”.

The Academy of Dreams offers several activities :

  • Diving is fredom
  • Alternative camps
  • Dream Academy
  • Social Inclusion band

DSCN7509Kas DreamAcademyToday in Kaş on the Lycian coast, south of the country, a home and shelter are created. The access  and participation in the activities will be free to allow each one to find his place. This place serves as a fulfillment center for all.

Olympos plage

We met Ercan Tutal on the way to this new place of Art and Accommodation, interested in our approach to gathering citizen initiatives across Europe , he brough us to  the site and granted us an interview.

English translation by Melanie Gourdon

DreamAcademy logosThe Academy of Dreams is supported by several programs including a program of the United Nations

Contact :

Düsler Akademisi Binasy Barbaros MahallesiFeslesen Sok. No:10 Baty Atasehir/Ystanbul/Türkiye – Tel: +90 216 688 31 53  –  www.duslerakademisi.org

To send an e-mail to Ercan TUTAL



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