Wedding in Java

Bride and groom are dressed in traditionnal batik costumes which have been  » modernized « . The bride has in her hair a braid of jasmine flowers, symbol of beauty and purity. Her headdress is also composed of an ornament consisting of a triangle representing the God Allah and five stars, gold flowers symbol of the five rules of Islam. IMG_0426 Kinanti, our host, explains in English,the wedding ceremony. The party started fews days before to allow all guests to offer their wishes to the couple. IMG_0398 Then come the day. The family comes like a procession in the middle of the trafic. The couple sits down on a special chair and then start speeches from the father of the bride, the chief of the village and the Imam.   IMG_0461 Meanwhile, guests enjoyed the meal prepared the night before. Sticky rice with meat wrapped in a banana leave … IMG_0514

Campur Sari is a semi-traditional music with keybord and Kalipung (drum). The lyrics are a bit more  » simple » and tell about love and love….


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