Soundbite of the meeting with Dominique Plédel Jónsson, coordinator of Slow Food convivium in June 2013 Reykjavik Iceland

Fête de la rubarbe

rhubarbs party

What is Slow Food movement?

The Slow Food movement is a grassroots movement. […]

Slow Food this is not back but it’s a treat!

It is working on the heritage, awareness and advocacy for small producers. For example, salt is a traditional product worked with geothermal. […]

What exactly the Slow Food convivium Iceland?

The Iceland is a country of production at the difference a trading nation like Denmark, for example. We mainly work to awaken the consciousness of the producers. […]

How were welcomed the first steps slow food?

[…] Iceland is a country where many people know each other, we proposed to producers engaged in direct sales to come and present their work at a conference (Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre in Turin, organized by Slow Food International), the audience was very attentive to advanced solutions.


Indirectly, our work has changed attitudes. […]

What is the collective in the project?

Slow food, it is only the collective!

Our role is to connect all the elements era phase. […]

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This interview took place in the context of sound travel association Workshops’ Melanie. This entire meeting illustrated sound (photos, texts) is available for exhibitions, meetings and workshops. Duration: about 20 minutes, File Format: WAV

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