Musical workshop Labyrinth – Ross DALY

A meeting with Ross Daly, the founder of an original place, dedicated to the modal music. Seminars, concerts, a museum and a real willingness to share with the organization of a festival during the summer.

Ross DALY au Tarhu d'Australie
Ross DALY  Tarhu from Australia

Ross Daly share music moments with his Irish accent in the Labyrinth museum in Houdesti village. This stones house hosts an impressive collection of instruments for modal music.

Rabab of Afghanistan, Turkish Saz, Tarhu Australia and many other instruments of West Africa to western China.

Labyrinth musee

Ross DALY au Saz de Turquie

The showcases are not closed, musicians can play instruments. Ross Daly wants to promote dialogue among peoples and for the pleasure of sharing between all communities.

Ross DALY au Rabab d'Afghanistan
Ross DALY .Rabab from Afghanistan

LabyrinthMore than 50 seminars and workshops are organized every year, hundreds of children visit the museum and tens of thousands of people come to Houdetsi village in Crete during the festival in August.

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