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Mélanie GOURDON  & Tristan CAILLER

mel2Leader of the association “Mélanie’s workshops“, I like to meet people, gather their words, offer spaces to express oneself throught drama and sound creations. Traveling enables to discover linguistic areas, cultures, landscapes… above all encounters. I like to immerse myself into a world where I lose my marks.


Listen to our environment and listen to each other to better understand the world around us. Enrich cultures and differences to listen advance on the paths. I like to surprise myself and move forward into the unknown.


Sound harvesters, hitchhikers, travelers, lover of languages, accordion player, we conceptualized and realized this project Tam a Tam Sound Trip.



Radio listeners  and radio art amateurs, we started to listen to radio programms, then one day, we went to Finland with a digital recorder. From this trip we did our firts sound creation about the culture of sauna : Terveisiä saunasta! Salutations du sauna! 


DSCN6348When we decided to go on the roads of Europe, backpack, hitchhiking, the recorder naturally became our traveling companion. We collect day after day hours of fieldrecording . Touched by a smile, a look, we open the microphone,  and collect  offered words.



Les Ateliers de Mélanie LogoLes Ateliers de Mélanie – Paroles en mouvement  / Mélanie’s workshops – Moving words

We use the richness of drama expression, teaching French as a foreign language and sound creations in order to produce some space where meeting and speaking become possible and enable to look at oneself and others in a different way and consequently give way to some collective movement and citizen commitment.

The themes can be as different as Citizenship, French as a Foreign Language, Environment, Sustainable development, Popular education, Language learning, Cultural diversity… with the purpose of social melting pot.


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One thought on “Know more about us

  1. Really great to meet you a share a little of our lives and life in Crete. Fantastic to have a sound insite to other countries.
    Safe journeying in your travels.
    We wish you well , kisses to our newfound friends
    Colin and Sue

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