Reklamasi! let’s protect Bali!

bali beach praying        Bali : international tourist destination for hindu culture, surf spot and party. But this kind of development has a detrimental effect on the environment and local population.

Bali is also a great cultural and artistic spot!

Lot of people, students, activits,  artists are fighting against the developpment.

A megaproject is planned in Benoa Bay including casinos, yacht basins, night-clubs, hotels… Which doesn’t please everybody. Bali isn’t only about tourism !

Here is a sound we captured during a peaceful demonstration with plenty of music !

Reklamasi Bali

Praying in Borobudur

 Built around 800 AD and abandoned for centuries, all of Borobudur was re discovered in IXth century by Europeans.
BorobudurBorobudur is both a stupa  and the largest Mandala in the world. A mandala is a cosmic representation of the universe for Buddhists . The set consists of three square terraces and three circular ones, all are covered with bas-reliefs recounting the various episodes of the life of the Buddha Sakyamuni . All these reliefs were carved on site, once the stones were setted.

IMG_0257Another gallery also covered with bas-reliefs represents the earthly life ; it is not possible to go in there because it is buried ! This feature gives rise to numerous assumptions …



Monks at Borobudur

Although Borobudur is a tourist destination, the majesty of the place and the power of the temple itself leave us stunned. We travel the square contemplating the bas-reliefs depicting the life around 800 AD, it is already very impressive.

 Then we climb the floors to reach the circular terraces, the world beyond where there is neither beginning nor end. At the top of the temple, we found dozens of stupa where  Buddhas observe us. We meet monks in litany accompanied by believers delighted to pray in this mythical place . Under a blazing sun all are traveling to the Buddhist nirvana.





Bird market in Malang, Java, Indonesia

IMG_0768[1]Malang is city of easy Java where its nice to hang out.The many majestic trees bring us shadow and the near by mountains refresh us!

The market for plants and birds is a must! Bamboo and wooden cages with colourful birds but also chickens, monkeys, cats are everywhere!  Animals have barely no space for moving…IMG_0811[1]

We enjoyed birds sounds far away from the trafic sounds!

Indonesian love hangging bird cages in front of their bouses…it brings luck!

Bromo volcano and Ngadas rain forest

IMG_0920[1]Mount Bromo is in the middle of the Tengger massif. At 2329 metres, Mount Bromo is an active volcano in the Bromo Tengger Semeru national park.

The name Bromo should be derived from Brahama, the Hindu god. It is situated in the middle of the « Sea of Sand ». During the Hindu festival of Yadnya Kasada, the Tenggerese people travel to the Bromo in order to make offerings to the mountain gods by throwing fruits and chiken and others into the caldera of the volcano. It is a very old legend (15th century). Near Batok volcano sits a Hindu temple called Pura Luhur Poten.IMG_0910[1]

For us, it was a really nice experience, walking five hours on the Sea of Sand, climbing up the stairs to listen the sound of Bromo Volcano. When we came back, we stoped in the little Ngadas village to watch the fields and listen to the rain forest.IMG_0946[1] IMG_1014[1]




Wayang kulit


The Indonesian shadow theater has been praticed for a long time. Accompanied by a group of musicians – Gamelan -, puppets move between the lamp and the fabric. From the other side of the screen, the viewer enjoys Indian legends from the Ramayana.


IMG_0199That evening we were invited to the weekly rehearsal of wayang. The atmosphere is very friendly. The master of the house brings donuts, jasmine tea and cigarettes. In a smoky atmosphere, the musicians move from instrument to instrument (which is a feature of this music). Meanwhile puppeteer continues imperturbably the litany of stories.

The evening continues until very late. In the past, wayang lasted all night, but now with modern life, the sessions last about 3 hours.

we were enchanted and we had the chance to learn the handling of finely crafted leather puppets.


Rainforest in Java

One evening in the village of Bolawen near Yogyakarta on Java we listen to the forest talking to us. The night brings freshness and a world awakens, insects, amphibians, birds … Villagers are at the ‘pos ronda ‘- having a break from their patrolling turn, they find themselves in a shelter most often made of bamboo, they drink tea, smoke, talk … Listen carefully, you’ll hear the sound of kentungan, a branch of ground tree, the sign of protection.

The forect was part of people’s life by providing food, building materials and medicines.

The largest archipelago in the world (17,500 islands) concentrating the third largest area of ​​tropical forest got big problems of deforestation due to urbanization, exploring the woods, mining and production of rubber and paper …

Faced with these attacks, the forest resists and spirits of Java watch over ….




Wedding in Java

Bride and groom are dressed in traditionnal batik costumes which have been  » modernized « . The bride has in her hair a braid of jasmine flowers, symbol of beauty and purity. Her headdress is also composed of an ornament consisting of a triangle representing the God Allah and five stars, gold flowers symbol of the five rules of Islam. IMG_0426 Kinanti, our host, explains in English,the wedding ceremony. The party started fews days before to allow all guests to offer their wishes to the couple. IMG_0398 Then come the day. The family comes like a procession in the middle of the trafic. The couple sits down on a special chair and then start speeches from the father of the bride, the chief of the village and the Imam.   IMG_0461 Meanwhile, guests enjoyed the meal prepared the night before. Sticky rice with meat wrapped in a banana leave … IMG_0514

Campur Sari is a semi-traditional music with keybord and Kalipung (drum). The lyrics are a bit more  » simple » and tell about love and love….