Annikinkatu – a collective life in city center

What is Annikinkatu?
Annikinkatu is located in the city center of Tampere, the second city of the country. It is an ancient collective livingplace which has changed recently. (…) Life was tough, without any central heating and toilets in the apartments so it wasn’t easy life, especially in winter under 30’C!Nowdays,  Annikinkatu istill looks like an ancient building but there are internet connection, central heating and toilets in all apartments!How is the collective life?

DSCN1550The apartments are larger than in the past. There are 23 apartments. The basic principle is private property, so there are mainly owners residents with few apartments available for rent. (…)DSCN1568

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2013 Annikin Runofestivaali (poetry festival)

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